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School based Therapy

Personalized In-Home Counseling and Therapy Services

At Flame Lily Therapy, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and professional counseling and therapy services tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients within the familiar environment of their own homes.

Tailored Counseling and Therapy Programs

Our school based therapy services are designed to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of our kids. We offer a range of counseling and therapy programs tailored to address your unique challenges and support your journey towards emotional well-being.

1.Tailored Support for Student Success

Our school-based therapy services are specifically designed to provide students with the support they need to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. We understand that each student is unique, so our therapy sessions are tailored to address their individual needs and challenges.

2.Convenience and Accessibility

By offering therapy services directly within the school environment, we make it more convenient and accessible for students to access the support they need. This eliminates barriers such as transportation issues and scheduling conflicts, ensuring that students can easily attend their therapy sessions without disrupting their school day.

3.Collaborative Approach to Care

We believe in a collaborative approach to student care, working closely with school staff, teachers, and parents to ensure that students receive comprehensive support. By involving all stakeholders in the therapeutic process, we can provide consistent and coordinated care that promotes the student’s overall well-being.

4.Early Intervention and Prevention

School-based therapy allows us to identify and address mental health concerns early, before they escalate into more serious issues. By providing early intervention and prevention strategies, we can help students develop healthy coping skills and resilience to navigate life’s challenges effectively.

5.Confidential and Supportive Environment

Our therapy sessions take place in a confidential and supportive environment where students can feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment. We prioritize the student’s privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that they feel safe and respected during their therapy sessions.

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To join one of our group therapy sessions, please contact our office to schedule an appointment or inquire about available groups. Visit our website for comprehensive information on our group therapy services and how to get started.

6.Parent Education and Workshops: We offer parent education sessions and workshops to provide valuable information and resources on topics such as childhood development, effective communication strategies, and managing stress. These sessions empower parents with the knowledge and skills they need to support their child’s emotional well-being.

7.Family Counseling Sessions: Our therapists facilitate family counseling sessions to promote open communication and strengthen family relationships. These sessions provide a safe and supportive space for families to address challenges, resolve conflicts, and work together towards positive outcomes.

8.Parent-Teacher Collaboration: We collaborate closely with teachers and school staff to ensure that parents are informed and involved in their child’s academic and behavioral progress. Through regular communication and partnership with school professionals, we can provide comprehensive support that aligns with the student’s needs.

9.Parent Support Groups: We offer parent support groups where parents can connect with others facing similar challenges, share experiences, and receive peer support. These groups provide a sense of community and solidarity, helping parents feel understood and less alone in their journey.

10.Access to Resources and Referrals: Our team provides parents with access to resources and referrals for additional support services as needed. Whether it’s connecting families with community resources, mental health providers, or advocacy organizations, we ensure that parents have access to the support they need to help their child thrive.


School-based therapy refers to counseling and therapeutic services provided to students within the school setting. Therapists work directly with students to address various emotional, behavioral, and social challenges that may impact their academic performance and overall well-being. These services often involve individual or group therapy sessions conducted within the school premises.

School-based therapy can assist students with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, family issues, peer relationships, academic stress, and behavioral challenges. Therapists work collaboratively with students to address their specific needs and support their mental health and emotional development.

Students can access school-based therapy services through various avenues, including referrals from teachers, school counselors, parents, or self-referral. Schools typically have designated therapists or mental health professionals who provide these services on-site. Students may also participate in therapy groups organized by the school or attend individual sessions during school hours.

School-based therapy offers numerous benefits for students, including improved access to mental health support, early intervention for emotional and behavioral issues, increased emotional resilience, enhanced coping skills, better academic performance, and a supportive environment for addressing personal challenges. Additionally, receiving therapy at school reduces barriers to access, such as transportation issues or stigma associated with seeking outside treatment.

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of school-based therapy, and therapists adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure student privacy and confidentiality. However, there are limitations to confidentiality, particularly when a student’s safety or well-being is at risk. Therapists may need to disclose information to school administrators or parents/guardians in situations where there are concerns about harm to self or others.

The frequency of school-based therapy sessions varies depending on the student’s needs and the availability of therapeutic resources within the school. Some students may attend therapy sessions weekly, biweekly, or as needed, while others may participate in group therapy sessions or workshops organized by the school. Therapists work collaboratively with students and school staff to determine the most appropriate schedule for therapy sessions.

Parent involvement in school-based therapy depends on the student’s age, preferences, and the therapeutic approach used by the therapist. While some students may benefit from involving their parents or caregivers in therapy sessions or family counseling, others may prefer to keep their therapy sessions confidential. Therapists typically communicate with parents regarding the general progress and goals of therapy while respecting the student’s privacy and confidentiality.

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