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Case Management

Adult & Children’s Mental Health Case Management

Our Counseling and Therapy Services at flamelilytherapy are dedicated to supporting individuals facing challenges and seeking personal growth and healing. We provide compassionate and professional guidance to help you navigate life’s complexities and achieve emotional well-being.

Minnesota offers various counseling and therapy programs tailored to meet diverse needs and circumstances. Our services encompass:

Children’s Mental Health Case Management

Children’s Mental Health Case Management (CMHCM) services involve coordinating activities with family community support services to assist children with severe emotional disturbances and their families in accessing necessary mental health, social, educational, health, vocational, and recreational services. A case manager assesses the child’s evolving needs, collaborates with other service providers and the family to develop a comprehensive plan, links them to appropriate community resources, and monitors the effectiveness of the services provided.

Adult Mental Health Case Management

Adult case managers aid individuals with severe mental health needs in accessing mental health, social, educational, employment, and other essential services to enhance functioning and community integration. They assess the strengths and needs of clients and families, facilitate appropriate mental health care, coordinate services, organize care teams, and evaluate service effectiveness. Additionally, they assist with access to residential care, treatment foster care, respite care, and other services.


Mental Health Case Management involves coordinating and accessing various services to support individuals with mental health needs in improving their functioning and accessing necessary resources.

Children residing in Washington County who have a mental health diagnosis and meet the criteria for Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) are eligible for CMHCM at Canvas Health.

Referral requirements include a Diagnostic Assessment, Psychiatric Assessment, or Psychological Evaluation completed within the last 6 months, a Severe Emotional Disturbance Determination (SED) statement from a licensed mental health professional, and a completed Canvas Health CMHCM Referral Form.

Adults residing in Washington County who meet the criteria for severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) and have PMAP insurance are eligible for Adult Mental Health Case Management.

Referral requirements include a Diagnostic assessment completed within the last 12 months and a completed referral form.

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